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Erwin Silman.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been painting for over than 30 years, since my childhood. In 1977 I was graduated as a medical doctor, and my painting hobby was almost completely stopped. When I was a schoolboy, I learned to draw and paint from the late Mr Mulki, especialy in drawing portraits using charcoal powder. Later, I learned sketching and painting in oil from Mr Baharizki. Learning process continues by autodidac methods, I learned from books, and by analyzing the work of other painters. I feel that a good painting must tell something, it must give a message; and I try to stick to this principle. Internet is a good source for ideas, and it is important to look and analyze as many painting as possible. I am very pleased to share with you, my fantasy, and I hope that these paintings will communicate to you part of the pleasure that I feel.