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The most important thing to create a fantasy painting is your imagination. The ideas then must be conceptualized, in this case I use some source like photos, computer modelling etc. Sometime the results are unrealistic, out of the ordinary, different in some way from the mundane, everyday world. It is realy give an enjoyment to see something new.

To visualize imagination, I use either paint and brush; the classical way of painting; or computer modelling. I feel acrylic is suitable for me, it is clean (need no oil), dry fast, and can be used with both oil painting techniques and watercolor techniques.

Digital art is also very interresting, the fast improvement of software and hardware (digital camera, scanner and digitizer) makes it is easier to produce good pictures.

Erwin Silman

"Art for me was always an escape route to a different state of existence, and has continued to be a refuge from the everyday tedium that rarely respects or even recognizes the sanctity of beauty in life" -- Bruce Pennington

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